10 kw solar power systems in Adelaide reach milestone

Not so long ago a 10 kw solar power system was considered out of reach of most people. I think from memory that the first 10kw solar power system that we sold was about $70,000. Well times have certainly changed and now 10kw solar systems in Adelaide have fallen to $14,990 even with a top quality SMA inverter.

So why is this so important?

The answer quite simply is that it now means the monthly repayments on a loan to buy a 10kw system are, depending on the term of the repayments, less than the amount of savings/income that the systems will generate for people who use a fair bit of the power during the day.

I wouldn’t claim to be a financial wizard but that seems to make a 10kw solar power system a pretty easy decision for someone to make, especially when it is considered that at the end of the repayment period the customer would pocket all of those savings.

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