2 Weeks left on Rebate Rollback Special on 5kw solar power systems

Since the announcement of the cut back of the Solar Credits rebate on 16 November Solar Wholesalers have been offering a Rebate Rollback special selling 5kw solar power systems with high quality German made SMA Sunny Boy inverters for $8,490.00.

Effectively this means we have been absorbing the rebate change and agreed to do this to Christmas time. Part of this was because if we did not do something business would have slowed after November 16 because people would have been disappointed to pay more and part of it was to send a message to the government that the solar power industry now has such a strong value proposition to consumers that it will survive even with no support from government.

However, the reality is that this offer cant go on forever and this is the last two weeks in which you can secure a top quality, fully installed Solar Power system with the best brand of inverter, the SMA Sunny Boy for $8,490.