About Solar Wholesalers

Solar Wholesalers is a South Australian owned company based in Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills.

We are a retailer and installer of solar power systems in South Australia. We do do some wholesaling but it is a small part of our business.

We were one of the first solar power companies to start in South Australia and have seen a lot of changes in the solar power industry since our beginning in 2007.

On the solar quotes website we are, at the time of writing this page, ranked number 3 (out of about 1000) in solar power companies in Australia based on reviews on that site written by clients that we have installed systems for. This ranking is based broadly on client satisfaction and has criteria such as value for money, knowledge of products, installation (number 1) and service.

Over our time in the solar power industry we have seen a number of trends, government programs and business models come and go. We have seen companies come in and flood the market with very cheap and low quality products only to go broke 12 months later under a weight of warranty claims.

Throughout all this time our approach to the solar power industry hasn’t changed. We believe that the most important thing customers want is a system that is reliable. As such we put quality and reliability ahead of price when we procure components for our systems.

We are pleased to report that over all of our time in business, with over 4000 solar power systems installed, we have had very few problems with failed components. We put much of this reliability down to the fact that we have always used German made SMA Sunny Boy inverters, Fronius inverters and brands of solar panels that are made by Tier One manufacturers, such as  Canadian Solar and  JINKO.

There are certainly inverters around much, much cheaper than SMA but their reliability is second to none.

All of our installers are well known to us, most are full time employees, and all have had a long relationship with us.

I think this is a real advantage that Solar Wholesalers offers over other companies.

We are a small enough group that everyone cares about the quality of our work and our customers but we are large enough to be direct importers of brands so that we can offer high quality systems at very good prices.

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