Last chance for South Australian’s to install solar power on fair terms

Two upcoming changes to support for the solar industry, one likely to come into effect in April 2013 and the other in September 2013 will mean this is the last year in which many South Australian’s will be able to install the solar power system they want on fair terms.

Firstly, a Commonwealth government report released in December has recommended that solar power systems over 10kw be excluded from the SREC system. This will make it more expensive to install large residential and commercial solar power systems. We expect these recommendations to become law between April and June sometime.

Here is a link to a more detailed post I wrote when I first heard of these changes just before Christmas. Commercial Solar Energy Changes

The second big deadline is the end of eligibility for new systems to get the South Australian Solar Bonus feed in tariff which is currently 25.2 cents. New systems that sign up after this date will get only 11.2 cents for the power they export into the grid. To beat this change you have to have purchased your solar system by September this year.(provided the government don’t pull forward the end date like the Commonwealth government did last year with the 2X STC Solar Credits multiplier).

This change will effect the returns on all solar power systems. It is important that all South Australian homeowners that have not gone solar seriously give it some thought this year. There are many very good solar power companies in Adelaide. Even if you don’t have the spare money to install a solar power system system quite a few companies now, including us, offer interest free solar plans so that you can pay your solar off over time. On many of these plans the monthly savings you make on your power bill by having the system pretty well covers the monthly repayment making the investment a pretty simple decision.

Call us today or request a quote online and we would be happy to take you through the options you have.