The Abbott government said before the last election that they would not scrap the solar rebate but in the wake of their trumped up Warburton report they are now likely to cut the solar rebate very soon. This will increase the costs of of an average 5.5 kw solar system by around $4,000.

There is not much we can do about this except advise all clients to sign up before any changes are announced. We cannot guarantee 100% that this will preserve your right to a rebate but with previous changes they have honoured any agreements where the client had a signed contract before they announced the change.

To beat the changes we advise you to get a contract in place before its too late. With Solar Wholesalers you will have the right to cancel if the government changes do not honour existing written agreements and having a signed agreement with us does not preserve your rebate.

Hurry as this attempt to preserve your rebate will only be effective prior to changes being announced.