New Solar Meter rules have arrived

So, it seems like we can’t go 6 months in the solar industry without someone changing the rules somewhere along the line.

The latest changes relate to who is responsible for changing out your old electricity meter for a new solar meter. It used to be up to SAPN (SA Power Networks) and us to liaise together to get it done. Things have changed and its now the responsibility of your electricity retailers to sort out your meter change over, this has created some problems for us and our clients.

The problem seems to be that as this is new to the retailers and they are still working out what to do, and the problem is compounded when you consider we have about 12 different electricity retailers with 12 different processes and ideas about how this should happen.

I would expect the process to become better once the retailers have got their heads around it and our office people will obviously help you sort this out but it really is out of our hands.

The biggest problem seems to be that some of the retailers won’t give us a day as to when they will swap out the meter, all they say is it will be done 27 days from such and such a date, this is about as helpful as a hip pocket on a singlet. Its not an issue for most people but it’s a big problem if we need to add a meter isolator to your board prior to the swap out, how can we be expected to add a meter isolator to a board when we don’t know when the meter swap out will be done? , or if your meter is behind a locked gate or if you have dogs.

I just don’t get why the retailers don’t understand that this is a massive problem for us and our clients, well ok I do get it, it seems like they just don’t give a hairy rats ass.

However, its not all doom and gloom as the sun will still come up tomorrow and make us our power and we are still getting meters changed its just sometimes a bit of as pain where it used to be relatively easy.

As always if you have any questions please call in and speak to one of our solar pro’s

SAPN have a blurb about it on their website.