October Solar Wholesalers Update

Solar Wholesalers has a lot going on at the moment. Firstly its technically retarded CEO is trying get his head around the age of social media and communicate what the company is up to in another way besides telling people at the pub.

Firstly we need to welcome the big and very beautiful Sam to the Solar Wholesalers crew. We are also stoked to have Macca coming back on board soon to add style and suave sophistication to the electrical crew.The solar power retail business is doing well in Adelaide. With the sun coming out the phone is ringing a lot and we are getting a lot of repeat business from the family and friends of people we have already done work for. This is keeping Jim, Colleen and the boys busy.

Miya (Miyagawa-san) our GM in Japan has been working away on securing our first solar power site in Japan. Hopefully we will secure this soon. The first site looks like it will be around 9000 sqm and take around 650 kw of solar. Japan is a very strange place to do business (but good sushi)!!!

Our website business in the US ( www.solar-panels-usa.com ) has been struggling a bit and we have decided to refocus the website towards being more of a solar reviews site rather than a solar quoting site. We have employed Jesse Truax and Jamie Lakes to drive this business and Vassie is beavering away on the redvelopment. We are setting up an office on Colarado (no co-incidence this is near ski fields).

Happy spring to everyoneAndy