10.8kW Hybrid Solar System in Echunga South Australia.

This Hybrid Solar System is a system that is both grid tied and has battery storage that enables you to use your solar power at night and also in the event of a grid outage or black out.

These systems are becoming more popular every year but at this stage there are no subsidies or incentives on the battery component of the system, this means this type of system is rather expensive.

This system consists of:

  • 40 x 270 watt Canadian Solar Panels = 10.8kW Solar system capacity.
  • 1 x Victron (inverter/charge controller) 48/15
  • 24 x Navada REXC 2V 1500 ah batteries (48 volt system)
  • GracSol solar panel racking system
  • Sundry Electrical components. (Breakers/Cables/Isolators/Enclosures, etc)
Hybrid Solar