90 kW – Dairy Farm – Torrens Vale


Torrens Vale, South Australia



Solar Wholesalers installed and commissioned a 90 kW solar system for a customer at a dairy farm at Torrens Vale in June 2015. The system was installed on the roof of the properties main dairy facility and is comprised of 360 x Sunrise Solartech 250 watt panels and 3 x ABB Trio 27.6 inverters.


To comply with restrictions set by SA Power Networks, and to maximise the benefit of the system to its operator, Solar Wholesalers installed both an export limiter and hot water change over switch. The export limiters application was required to restrict the power returned to the grid in the periods where the milking process was not being undertaken in the middle of the day and solar production was high for the grids abilities, and the hot water change over switch was implemented to give the operator the opportunity to heat the large scale hot water service with power that would have usually been exported for a minimal feed in tariff to the grid. Both custom additions displaying Solar Wholesalers ability to maximise savings from the system, and comply with restrictions enforced by SA Power. The system is expected to create a return on investment of 22% to the operator at current power prices.

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