SA Solar Power gets a pay rise

Hi All,

Good news for those who have solar or are looking to install solar power. AGL has announced that it will raise the feed in tariff amount to 16 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity people’s solar systems feed back into the grid. When you consider it was previously 6.8 cents its easy to see that this is a big win for solar system owners, you guys.

Now those who may of read my previous post “Lets run the numbers on Solar in South Australia” will need to go back and change out the 6.8 cents for 16 cents and run the numbers again, you will obviously get a better pay back time now, especially if you were closer to solar scenario 2 rather than scenario 1.

Please note this is not a government induced feed in tariff rate rise, this has been done by AGL in my cynical opinion to counter there recent news about raising the price their customers pay for their kilowatt hours of electricity. I think its a fair bet other electricity retailers (you know the guys who don’t actually do anything except send out bills) will look to follow suit or all the solar customers will end up with AGL

So if you still don’t have solar get on the phone and talk to one of our Solar Pro’s about sizing up a solar system to fit your scenario.