Solar companys using cheap inverters disapearing fast

In the last week alone we have received four phone calls from different people with issues with cheap nasty inverters they have bought. This is the exact reason we use SMA and Aurora Power One inverters on all of our jobs now. We have tried a couple of cheaper manufacturers over the years and it has only ever ended badly, failures and then all to often the manufacturer going under or changing to another entity. I would never ever use any other inverter again.

It is such a shame for our industry, all these cheap “company’s” coming in and selling unreliable nasty systems and often installing them wrong, with cheap inexperienced tradespeople. Only to then pack up and leave the state when the “boom” is over, leaving 100’s of unhappy South Australians with solar systems that just don’t work. Sadly these people and I understand why, then go around and tell all their friends of their bad solar experience. Solar is a great investment, problems are very rare if you pay just that little bit more for quality. If your solar company hasn’t been installing for 5 years don’t use them!!