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If you talk to most people that have been in the solar power business for more than a few years they will tell you that your choice of solar inverter is usually far more critical to the success of your solar project than the solar panels themselves.

At Solar Wholesalers we have for the most part stuck with SMA, Aurora and Fronius inverters with over 80% of our installed residential solar jobs being with SMA Sunny Boy inverters.

It is not that we have not seen cheaper inverters on the market. It seems each year there is a new super cheap Chinese solar inverter on the market and each year the installers that take up their product go broke the following year.

Recently when a South Australian solar company went broke the administrator sent us the stock list to see if we wanted to buy any of their stock. When I looked through I saw every cheap Chinese inverter that has hit the market in the last three years and thought to myself,

no wonder these guys went broke the warranty load would have killed them

It is not that cheap inverters don’t work as efficiently as an SMA inverter when they are working, they probably do. It is just that cheap Chinese inverters seem to fail at much higher rates than the leading European inverters.


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