SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

SMA “Sunny Boy” solar inverters


The Sunny Boy inverter from SMA is our first choice of inverters for our solar energy systems. The Sunny Boy is slightly dearer than other inverters but in our experience they are far more reliable than any other inverter brand we have used.

We have found that Sunny Boy inverters fail at a rate of about 1 in 100, the most common issue being the screen fading. Other brands of inverters we have tried have had failure rates as high as  1 in three and the norm is around 1 in 20. This is why we are so loyal to Sunny Boy inverters. They have earned it.

We have now installed over 3,500 Sunny Boy inverters and have only ever had a handful that have had to be returned under warranty. Of the few that have needed returning SMA, the maker of Sunny Boy inverters, has sent us a new inverter within 3-4 days to install at the clients premises.

This means we only need one trip to your house to replace your inverter.

Other inverter companies we have used, when they have a fault, require us to take the inverter off, send it to their repair centre and then wait for them to either fix it or send a new replacement. This means it is necessary to make two trips to your house.

SMA have the most helpful and fastest service team in Australia.


All the SMA ‘sunny boy’ inverters now come with built in Webconnect, Webconnect is the perfect way to remotely monitor your solar power system from anywhere in the world and to be sure that you are informed via email or text in the unlikely event of a fault, Webconnect provides free access to Sunny Places and Sunny Portal, the community portal.
It’s simple to use, requiring only Internet access and a DSL router. Webconnect commissioning is plug-and-play. Once configured, key system data can be accessed and displayed in a clear format whenever needed on a PC or a smart phone. Furthermore, Solar Wholesalers (providing you have a DSL router with a spare port) will connect your solar system to Sunny Portal for no extra charge, this way we can also monitor your system from our office and will also be informed if you have a problem with your system.

For more information on Sunny Boy inverters click here.




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