The solar industry has gotten to a point, like most industries, where you can buy really expensive systems and really cheap solar systems.

However, the old idom of “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always ring true here… In fact, sometimes it’s completely the opposite.

There sure are solar companies around Adelaide who sell systems based on what’s the cheapest with no thought for quality (or customer service). They will always exist, because there’s always a consumer demand for lowest prices over quality. I don’t really mind these companies as they exist because of customer demand for “cheap at all costs”. However, I wouldn’t want to be one of these companies because all the warranty complaints would drive me crazy. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a customer of one of these companies because for me “no hassles ownership” always outweighs costs and I could think of nothing worse than having to ring up a solar company at regular intervals over the next 25 years because my cheap solar system has problems. But the great thing about democracy is consumers have choice and these companies do offer a choice to consumers that value lowest possible cost over convenience and reliability.

However, there’s an even bigger number of solar companies who are doing the complete opposite. Selling solar panels at high prices, claiming their components are the “best of the best”.

So how do you tell if you’re getting a good deal?

First look at the brands of the components you’re buying, and research the quality of them. We use only Suntech and Sunrise solar panels, with SMA inverters. After importing over 20,000 solar panels and only ever having 1 faulty panel – we’re pretty sure we have the best.

The other scary truth in the industry is that we here at Solar Wholesalers sell our solar panels for $1,000s less than other companies out there – for exactly the same product.

They’ll try to tell you that their 250 watt solar panel will work better than another companies, but we both know that’s just salesman spin. All 250 watt solar panels are the same, that’s why they’re rated 250 watt.

So our business model here at Solar Wholesalers is to sell you the best value for money solar system, without sacrificing on quality – and our customers love it.