How to compare Solar Panels.

The type of solar panels you choose for your solar power system is often a choice that is agonised over by those considering the purchase of a solar power system. Here’s some advice to help you make a comparison for yourself.

There are really three things that generally concern people being:

  • How do I compare brands of solar panels;
  • How important are the items listed in the solar panel specifications; and
  • What type of solar cell technology do I want my solar panels to use

We have a discussion about each of these topics but the truth is less than 1% of complaints about solar systems actually relate to issues with the quality or performance of the solar panels themselves. Most issues relate to inverters, quality of installation workmanship and sundry parts failing (such as circuit breakers).

At Solar Wholesalers we have sold over 400,000 solar panels including German, American and Chinese made brands.  We have had to replace a few tier 2 solar panels in the last few years and is the reason why we stick to top quality tier 1 solar panels these days.

So I guess my view is that customers can relax a bit about their choice of solar panel technology and brand. With some caveats I think you can feel safe in the knowledge that most of the brands of solar panels on the market are pretty good and are likely to work without problems for a long time. (The same cant be said for all brands of inverters but this is another story).

It is also our view that there is little difference between the different types of solar panel technologies and so this is also something that potential purchasers of solar systems do not have to worry too much about. What we have tried to do with this website is give you enough information so that you can understand the terminology used by solar salesman and judge how important you think each issue is.

When making your own solar panel comparison, don’t neglect to compare the quality of the inverters used and the quality of the installers workmanship.


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