Solar Shines for office tennents

Solar Wholesalers recently completed the installation of a 100kW solar system on Naylor House at 190 Pultney St Adelaide. The install of 400 solar panels on the office building is designed to enhance the appeal of the building to potential tenants.

Sam Di Fava of Di Fava group the owners of the building engaged Solar Wholesalers to do the install. “The 100kW system will reduce our reliance on grid power, improve our NABERS energy rating and reduce the running costs for the building” mister Di Fava said.

“This is a win- win situation for us as the landlord and also our tenants. Increasingly our tenants are seeking green innovation in their work places. This starts with tweaking building services then solar power takes it to the next level.”

It is estimated that the initial outlay of around $150,000 will see a reduction in the annual electricity cost of the building of around $32,000 to $40,000