Residential solar power

Residential Solar

South Australians are running out of time to install a solar system before changes to state & Commonwealth laws affecting solar come into effect later this year.

Residential solar power

Commercial Solar

Solar power purchase agreements allow you to see savings straight away — without the need to make your own investment in the capital costs of a solar system.

Solar system equipment

Solar Equipment

Solar Wholesalers stick with top brands like SMA, Aurora and Fronius inverters. Over 80% of our installed residential solar jobs use SMA Sunny Boy inverters.

Solar Power now better value than ever for South Australian’s

At Solar Wholesalers, we have installed over 7,000 solar power systems and have one of the highest customer-approval ratings of any installation company on leading consumer reviews websites. In fact, we are one of the few South Australian solar companies to be recognized as a Platinum Quality installer on the consumer reviews website Thanks to our mastermind work scheduler Cliff, our head electrician Callan and the rest of the installation crew we also rank #1 in South Australia for quality of installation.

To provide the most reliable systems we use the most reliable components: Canadian, Trina and Suntech solar panels, along with European-made inverters Fronius and SMA ‘Sunny Boy’. We also use our own crews of full time installers who are outstanding, CEC-accredited, tradespeople.

Why you should get a solar system

Solar systems have never offered better returns. It seems like we say this every year, but the fact is that it continues to hold true. The reason for this is a combination of several factors: the availability of the STC (small-scale technology certificates) rebate under the SRES (small-scale renewable energy scheme), the highest power prices we have seen, reasonable feed-in tariffs, and panel and inverter prices also dropping to record lows.

Of all the factors mentioned above, the biggest factor boosting solar is the continuation of the SRES. This rebate scheme offers a windfall to consumers, a fact many aren’t aware of. Under this scheme, in 2019 we you can claim 16.58 STCs per kW of solar power installed. This works out to about $600 per kW, as the STC currently trades at $36. This means on a 10kW system the end user is entitled to a $6,000 rebate, and a typical $15,000 investment would come down just $9,000.

Your $9,000 solar system will produce 15,000 kWh per year for 25 years for $9,000. That’s just 2.5 cents per kWh. And sure, while there be might some additional costs over the 25-year journey, even if you have to replace your entire system, 5 cents per kWh is still a damn sight better than the 50 cents you pay AGL.

About Solar Wholesalers

Solar Wholesalers is a family and employee-owned solar power company that has been selling and installing solar power systems since 2008. We sell and install home solar power systems, commercial solar power systems and on and off grid battery solutions in South Australia.

Why go with Solar Wholesalers for your solar panels? Because we know solar and unlike many others, we don’t subcontract solar installs to the lowest bidder. We always use our own full-time crews of installers and electricians. 

Get a solar system for your home or business

Solar News

Is solar power still a good idea now the feed in tariff is lower ?

We think it is, and here’s why:

The most successful investor in corporate history is Warren Buffett. According to the website his compound annual return from 1955 until now is approximately 19.5 %.

Surely, if an investment in a solar power system for your home or business can give you a return close to this, it is a good idea.

How many people have you heard over the years say ‘I wish I invested with Warren Buffett when he started…’? (I’m showing my age here).

Well the truth is that at the current price of a 6.6 kW solar system, the average customer gets a return on their money of around 44% if they buy a solar power system.

This figure is based on production of 9,636 kwh per annum; 50% used in house or business, saving 41 cents per kwh, and 50% going to the grid at 16.3 cents, for a total return of $2,760.71 on a cost of $6,200.

So why does solar still offer customers such good returns?

The simple fact is this: solar power systems have gotten a lot cheaper in the last couple of years, while the price of power has gone up a lot. The return on your investment you get from a home solar power system, as at May 2019 is the best it has ever been.

A solar power system is a great investment and Solar Wholesalers is a great choice for a company to install your solar power system within Adelaide and around regional South Australia. We are small enough to care but large enough to offer great pricing on the very best quality systems.

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